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"The idea of a golden age is inherent in the tradition of every people which proves nothing except that people are never satisfied with the present, and since their experience gives them little hope for the future, they adorn the irrevocable past with all the flowers of their imagination."

- Alexander Pushkin, A History of the Village of Goriukhino (via boggybilly)

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“I hate all men except my boyfriend” the summary of tumblr.com politics

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Soviet era Bulgarian Film posters!

From Socmus, the virtual museum of socialist era graphic design in Bulgaria. They have loads of interesting posters, logos, illustration and general ephemera worth looking at.

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I watched this so often as a kid…

I wish I could find an English dubbed version.

OMG THIS MOVIE I remember this movie! So many memories…

I was just thinking about this movie a couple days ago. Used to have it on VHS too.

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